May 2019 Newsletter

Berkshire cities join effort to dramatically cut opioid overdose deaths

By Larry Parnass, The Berkshire Eagle
April 25, 2019

The goal: Cut opioid deaths by 40 percent.
The project, fueled by an $89 million federal grant, will be led over the next four years by researchers at Boston Medical Center with dozens of grassroots partners in 16 state communities.

Click here to read more about the Mass HEAL grant, as discussed by the lead researcher Jeffrey Samet: https://www.bmc.org/healthcity/research/89m-study-aims-put-serious-dent-opioid-crisis

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Here’s a look at the Central County Substance Misuse and Prevention Work Group’s Spring Schedule. 
Next meeting: Wed. June 5th, 9:30 – 11:30 AM

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New: Harm Reduction Commission Report


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For more information on the Beacon Recovery Community Center and their regular hours, please click here

Holyoke Community College is offering free classes for CHWs in core competencies and health topics. This training program is being offered in collaboration with Greenfield Community College, where classes will take place.

Click here for more information

Framing Adolescent Substance Use: Research

A series of studies will map the communications landscape and develop an evidence-based strategy for explaining why adolescent substance use matters to society, how it works, and what we can do to promote better outcomes


Looking for information on meal sites in Pittsfield?

Berkshire Health Systems has provided a list, as well as contact information and tips on positive lifestyle changes.

Download one in English or in Spanish!

Opioid overdose deaths and potentially inappropriate opioid prescribing practices (PIP): A spatial epidemiological study

Stopka, T. J., Amaravadi, H., Kaplan, A. R., Hoh, R., Bernson, D., Chui, K. K., . . . Rose, A. J. (2019). Opioid overdose deaths and potentially inappropriate opioid prescribing practices (PIP): A spatial epidemiological study. International Journal of Drug Policy, 68, 37-45. doi:10.1016/j.drugpo.2019.03.024

Opioid overdose deaths quintupled in Massachusetts between 2000 and 2016. Potentially inappropriate opioid prescribing practices (PIP) are associated with increases in overdoses. The purpose of this study was to conduct spatial epidemiological analyses of novel comprehensively linked data to identify overdose and PIP hotspots.

Journal article here

Direct-to-Docs Opioid Marketing

By Oluwatobi Alliyu, PHP Fellow
March 28, 2019

A recent study sought to understand the relationship between mortality from opioid overdose and the pharmaceutical industry‚Äôs direct marketing of opioids to physicians. 


Register now for Improving the Care of Mothers, Infants and Families Impacted by Perinatal Opioid Use: A Massachusetts Statewide Initiative: https://www.neoqicma.org/spring-summit-2019

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