Overcoming substance use can be difficult but recovery is possible. We have printable palm cards and posters available. if you would like printed copies for your organization to distribute, please email us.

Treatment and Recovery Resources

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Services for Women in Berkshire County

Every one of us knows, works with or loves someone with Substance Use Disorder (SUD). We just might not know it.  An estimated 48.7 million Americans have SUD, including 29.5 million with Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) and 6.1 million with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD).  A 2018 study found that about 6% of Berkshire County adults have OUD, significantly above the statewide average of 4.6%.

It’s important to remember that addiction is a disease, not a choice.  It can affect anyone, regardless of  education, income, skin color, religion or gender.  Addiction is treatable, and there are numerous medications, therapies and supports to help you and your loved ones to recovery.

There are many doors to begin treatment and recovery. Some may initiate treatment with clinical detox.  Others may choose residential settings,  counseling or behavioral therapy.  There are many local choices to get you started right away! These resources can help you connect with services to reduce harm, provide evidence-based treatment, and offer many options to further support your path to recovery in our community. 

The Brien Center Crisis Line (800-252-0227) offers local 24/7 confidential support, prevention & resources for people in distress or your loved ones.  For those not yet ready for recovery, Berkshire Harm Reduction (413-447-2654) offers extensive services to help keep people who use drugs safer. For those outside of Berkshire County, The MA Substance Use Helpline (800-327-5050) is a free, confidential resource for finding treatment and recovery. 

If you do use drugs, especially cocaine, methamphetamines or pills you obtained online or on the street, Don’t Use Alone!  Fentanyl is increasingly present in our drug supply, and having someone with you helps ensure someone can administer naloxone and/or call 911 if there’s an overdose.  Safe Spot (formerly the MA Overdose Prevention Helpline) offers a person to talk with so you never have to use alone (800-972-0590). Free and fully confidential.

No matter what journey you or your loved one may be on, our community is here to help you!