The mission of the Berkshire Overdose Addiction Prevention Collaborative (BOAPC) is to implement local policy, practice, systems, and/or environmental changes to prevent the misuse of opioids and to prevent and reduce deaths and poisonings associated with opioids.

BOAPC implements local policy, practice, systems, and/or environmental changes to prevent the misuse and abuse of opioids and to prevent and reduce unintentional deaths and non-fatal hospital events associated with opioid poisonings throughout the 32 municipalities in Berkshire County.

This program emphasizes the integration of SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) model into overall prevention systems, to ensure a consistent data-driven planning process focused on implementing effective and sustainable strategies and interventions.

Key partners in this grant include:

  • Northern Berkshire Community Coalition
  • Multicultural BRIDGE
  • Railroad Street Youth Project
  • The Brien Center
  • 23 Alliance municipalities
  • City of Pittsfield (co-applicant on grant)
  • Tri-Town Health Department (Lee, Lenox and Stockbridge) (co-applicant on grant)

Other organizations supporting and participating in this effort include:

  • Berkshire Health Systems
  • Berkshire Sheriff’s Department
  • Berkshire United Way
  • Berkshire County District Attorney’s Office
  • Berkshire County Drug Task Force. Learn to Cope
  • The George B. Crane Memorial Center
  • …and you!

BOAPC mobilizes existing resources and builds capacity to address the identified gaps in services, continues the development and implementation of strategies to prevent the misuse or abuse of opioids, and prevents or reduces unintentional deaths and non-fatal events associated with opioid poisonings. Strategies to reduce opioid misuse and abuse that are being implemented include, but are not limited to:

  1. Pharmacy interventions
  2. Explore alternative methods for addressing chronic pain
  3. Enhanced training of prescribers in addiction
  4. Media campaign around safe storage and disposal of medications
  5. Comprehensive health education in local schools
  6. Community education around risks of opioid consumption and addiction
  7. Increase Naloxone (Narcan) availability in Berkshire County
  8. Comprehensive information about post-overdose services
  9. Training for emergency department and crisis staff on connecting post-overdose patients to treatment options
  10. Promotion of Harm Reduction strategies
  11. Community education on the Good Samaritan Law

The Berkshire Regional Planning Commission is the fiscal host for this project. The coordinator for this project is Andy Ottoson. If you have any questions about this program, please email us or call 413-442-1521 x37.