March 2020 Newsletter

Current Opioid Statistics in Massachusetts

“We collect statistics to track the progression of the opioid crisis. We use this to target services for especially hard-hit communities.”


Women Recover Conference: Empowerment

“The Women Recover Empowerment Conference will present new tools for providers to help women be empowered participants in their addiction treatment and recovery process. Autonomy, self-advocacy, and the reflective process will be featured topics in a day packed with panels, workshops, and opportunities to learn and connect!”


The Parent’s 20 Minute Guide

The Center for Motivation and Change

“Parenting* is hard. If you are reading this, you are likely a very concerned parent who is looking for guidance about how to help your child who is using substances (or engaging in other risky behaviors). You may have mild concerns about your child’s focus at school, choice of friends, new “minimalist” communication style with you, or you may be facing sudden and terrifying changes. Whatever your particular mix of worries as a parent, your child’s drug use (including alcohol) tends to make it that much more nerve-racking—sometimes explosive.” 


Six months after launching Massachusetts’ first in-house methadone clinic, Franklin County Jail is changing the way jails look at addiction

By Douglas Hook

“Sara Lazarz sits in a room in the Franklin County House of Corrections to take part in the re-entry program. She suffered from panic as a result of trauma in her past. Now she’s in the process of overcoming an addiction to heroin as a result.”


Initiative Targets Opioid Treatment, HIV Care in Hard-Hit Regions

Gary A. Enos, Editor

“The New England and Appalachia regions have been immersed in addressing the opioid crisis for years, but by no means have found all the answers to maximizing crisis response. A multi-state initiative funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) will fuel strategies for scaling up treatment to combat both opioid use disorder (OUD) and HIV.”


Click here for the complete PDF on Core Competencies for Peer Workers in Behavioral Health Services 

South Philadelphia to become site of nation’s first supervised-injection facility next week, organizers say

by Aubrey Whelan and Jeremy Roebuck

“The country’s first supervised-injection site will open next week in South Philadelphia, the site’s operators said Tuesday within hours of a federal judge’s entering a final ruling that the proposed facility would not violate federal law.”


Recovery Coaches Offer Nonjudgmental Support To Fill Addiction Treatment Gaps

By Karen Brown 

“Charlie Lopez and Susan Daley meet most Wednesday evenings at the Nest, a recovery meeting room in Belchertown, Massachusetts.”


Journey Recovery Project

This site has information about pregnancy, custody, substance use, parenting, and relationships. The site is planning a media campaign to promote the website.
The Journey Recovery Project is RECRUITING women who are pregnant or parenting to participate in this campaign. Please share this announcement with anyone who may be interested! Those that participate will be compensated.

The qualifications are:
  • Must be a pregnant or parenting person who has been in recovery for AT LEAST ONE YEAR.
  • Must be willing to be photographed and video-recorded talking about your recovery, in general terms (Ideally, you’ve been public about your recovery already in the past.)
  • Must be able to attend the filming day, which can be flexibly scheduled, but might take place during business hours. 
The campaign will feature a short video clip with women talking about the helpfulness of the Journey website, so please visit the website and consider how it could be/have been useful in your situation.
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED please write an email to Julia Reddy ([email protected]) with the following information:
  • Name
  • Length of Recovery
  • Pregnancy/Parenting status (due date; age of children)
  • Any previous public disclosure of your recovery
  • Town or region where you live
  • How the Journey Project is helpful or inspiring to you (just a few sentences)

As People Die From Overdoses, Health Leaders And Police Struggle To Measure Success

By Karen Brown

“You might not expect Sheryl Holmes to be among those who consider the Drug Addiction and Recovery Team (DART) a success. Less than a month after a DART officer with the Belchertown police first made contact with her family, her son Caleb, 18, died of an overdose.”


How Can Human Service Leaders Create & Implement Trauma-Informed Leadership & Management Practices?

Thursday, April 9, 2020 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
UMass Center at Tower Square 
1500 Main Street
Springfield, MA 01103