July Newsletter

Be Part of a Process That Will Save Lives: Your Community Needs You! 

The Berkshire Opioid Addiction Prevention Collaborative and community partners recognize that each non-fatal overdose is an opportunity to reduce the risk of subsequent overdose.

By working together to plan, design, and implement comprehensive post-overdose engagement programming in the Northern Berkshire region, we aim to reduce overdoses, both fatal and non-fatal, in the North Berkshires as well as in other communities in Berkshire County that bear the significant burden of overdoses and overdose deaths, namely, Pittsfield. Using established and innovative mobile health models combined with evidence-based prevention and harm reduction models, we will create teams of specially-trained first responders, harm reductionists, public health nurses, peer support workers and recovery coaches to follow up and provide support and care, including the provision of naloxone, to individuals who have experienced an overdose, as well as to family and other bystanders.

Would you like to be part of this process?

Beginning July 23, we will begin will an intensive planning process (up to 3 hours per meeting) with community facilitators C4 Innovations (https://c4innovates.com/ ), to build trust, align frameworks and goals, to design post-overdose engagement teams that fit our communities’ needs and ideals- and to save lives. This working group will meet at least monthly, for up to six months. If you would like to actively engage in this community planning and dialogue, be fully engaged in this process, and can commit to up to 6 meetings, we would like to hear from you.

Please reach out to [email protected] to learn more.

Virtual Recovery Coach Training

This training provides the educational foundation to qualify for certification as an Addictions Recovery Coach (CARC)

More Information can be found here: https://mcusercontent.com/acf2c28ed7781de7ee4b5b06a/files/933c3053-b434-49b6-bca3-9c3686cff96a/CHI_Virtual_RCA_Flyer_with_Registration.pdf

Opioid Overdose Deaths Decline Statewide, But Not In Berkshire County

Listen to Jennifer Kimball of the Berkshire Opioid Addiction Prevention Collaborative talk about this issue.


The Portugal Flip

The Portugal Flip takes a look at how Portugal shifted addiction out of the criminal justice system and into the healthcare system and how that can happen in USA.

Link to full PDF here: https://mcusercontent.com/acf2c28ed7781de7ee4b5b06a/files/0d0de3b7-85f5-47a5-8346-f1351d370bf0/COVID_RESOURCE_GUIDE.pdf

Emergency Drug Overdose Visits Associated with Increased Risk for Later Suicide

“NIH-funded study highlights importance of emergency department-based interventions for mitigating suicide risk”


Link: https://mcusercontent.com/acf2c28ed7781de7ee4b5b06a/files/a5c6b3b5-9d33-4fc3-bee1-cc42501262bc/Covid_resources_spanish_jpeg.pdfhttps://mcusercontent.com/acf2c28ed7781de7ee4b5b06a/files/a5c6b3b5-9d33-4fc3-bee1-cc42501262bc/Covid_resources_spanish_jpeg.pdf

Incidence of Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder Following Nonfatal Overdose in Commercially Insured Patients

Austin S. Kilaru, MD, MSHP; et al. 

“Timely initiation and referral to treatment for patients with opioid use disorder seen in the emergency department is associated with reduced mortality. It is not known how often commercially insured adults obtain follow-up treatment after nonfatal opioid overdose.”


Quarterly Opioid Statistics Report

Massachusetts Department of Public Health have updated their Current opioid statistics. Above are the opioid overdose deaths by county. For more data, use the link below.


For a referral packet, click here: 

SAMHSA Advisory on Naloxone Administration During COVID-19 for First Responders

Link to full PDF: https://mcusercontent.com/acf2c28ed7781de7ee4b5b06a/files/f90e8b2b-0e7f-4f44-aada-a77b4b41ef5d/guidance_law_enforcement_first_responders_administering_naloxone.pdf 

Coloradans Who Struggle With Opioid Addiction Find Support With State’s First Combination Outpatient Treatment and MAT Program

“I followed what one might call the ‘quintessential’ opiate epidemic addiction story,” shares Michael Damioli. “While attending college in Boulder, I experimented with drugs and alcohol, and quickly became addicted. I witnessed countless others struggle with their addictions, and more than a few passed away. When I found recovery, I decided to help others suffering from addiction.”