July 2019 Newsletter
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In a nationwide first, New Jersey authorizes paramedics to start addiction treatment at the scene of an overdose

By Lev Facher – June 16, 2019


“In a potential paradigm shift for addiction medicine, New Jersey’s health commissioner this week authorized paramedics to administer the drug buprenorphine to patients almost immediately after reviving them from an opioid overdose.”

Western Mass Participates in $89 Million Opioid Study | Connecting Point | WGBY

What To Know About Section 35 Civil Commitments In Mass.

Deborah Becker – July 1, 2019, WBUR


Safer Opioid Prescribing for Pain in Adolescents and Young Adults in Outpatient Settings


Report on Pain Management Best Practices: Updates, Gaps, Inconsistencies, and Recommendations


The Gap Between Rich And Poor Americans’ Health Is Widening

By Susie Neilson – June 28, 2019, NPR


Using data from more than 5.4 million respondents to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, this study found that from 1993 to 2017, the black-white gap showed significant improvement. However, measures of health equity and health justice declined over time, and income disparities worsened.

Here is the link to the JAMA study

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Opioid Use Prevention H.R. Manual for Employers 

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Prenatal Risk Factors and Perinatal and Postnatal Outcomes Associated With Maternal Opioid Exposure in an Urban, Low-Income, Multiethnic US Population

Azuine RE, Ji Y, Chang H, et al. – June 28, 2019, JAMA


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Federal Resources for Rural Communities to Help Address Substance Use Disorder and Opioid Misuse

Federal Grants ‘A Lifesaver’ In Opioid Fight, But States Still Struggle To Curb Meth

By Carmen Heredia Rodriguez, Elizabeth Lucas and Orion Donovan-Smith – June 17, 2019, Kaiser Health News


Binge Drinking and Prescription Opioid Misuse in the U.S., 2012–2014

Esser, Marissa B. et al., American Journal of Preventative Medicine


Prescription opioids were responsible for approximately 17,000 deaths in the U.S. in 2016. One in five prescription opioid deaths also involve alcohol. Drinkers who misuse prescription opioids (i.e., use without a prescription or use only for the experience or feeling it causes) are at a heightened risk of overdose. However, little is known about the relationship between drinking patterns and prescription opioid misuse.

The Van Vs. An Opioid Addiction: Taking Treatment To The Streets

Martha Bebinger – June 12, 2019, WBUR


Between a ‘Hub’ and a Hard Place: Three Stories of Opioid Addiction in Rural Vermont

By Kate O’Neill – June 5, 2019


How to Push DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) Conversations Out of the Comfort Zone

By Chera Reid & Jara Dean-Coffey – May 28, 2019
Stanford Social Innovation Review


These Drug Users Don’t Want Their Dealer Prosecuted if They OD

By Maia Szalavitz


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